Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pelotonia 2013

This is my third year riding in Pelotonia, which is a grassroots bike ride that raises millions of dollars each year for the Jame Cancer Hospital here in Columbus, OH.  One of the big reasons I support this ride is that my dad died of cancer in 2011 and was treated at the James.  It means something to me personally. Like most people in this county I have had cancer touch my life in other ways as well.  It's such a great cause, all the money the riders raise goes directly to the James, Pelotonia has corporate sponsors that support the business throughout the year, but the dollars raised for this weekend ALL go directly to research. That makes me happy as well!  

To be able to ride this weekend I had to raise $1250.00.  I can not thank my family, friends, and coworkers enough for the support they gave me in raising these funds.  It wasn't easy for sure, but oh so worth it. In January I sent out letters to my family and friends asking for donations.  They stepped up with a whopping $375 to get me started..  I really needed to get creative to get the rest of my funds that were needed to ride, so I did what I do best.... I baked!  Every Friday I held a bake sale at my cubicle at Huntington Bank where I work.  In two months of baking I raised over $400!! Bake it and they will donate became my motto!!  With my $475 Huntington match I hit my goal!!  

The ride was a bit daunting this year for me. After my weight loss surgery, I lost the ability to physically eat enough volume to fuel my ride.  The first 13 miles went pretty well, I stopped for a drink and snack and started off on the next 12 miles to the 25 mile mark. This is where I really struggled.  I hit the wall, my legs were hurting, but more than that I just felt empty.  I had no energy what so ever and honestly didn't think I could make it.  But once I stopped, and had time to think about it, I knew I just needed to eat. So eat I did, I grabbed half a peanut butter sandwich, some pretzel's and gummy snacks.  I finished off my powerade and most of my water and just waited.  Once I was feeling better and had some more energy, I grabbed some more snacks and stuffed then in my pocket for the ride.  The next 13 miles went MUCH better!  Of course if anyone was actually watching me, it would have been funny. But I knew I had to keep fueling my body if I was going to make it.  So I nibbled and sipped all the way. IT WORKED!   I rolled into the 50 mile finish feeling pretty darn good physically as well as emotionally.  I did something great today, and burned 4136 calories to boot!  

Rolling through the 50 mile finish!!!!!!  

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